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Learn about us from others.

The Thriving Initiative has been able to flourish thanks to national support and the local Santa Barabra community that has grown around us. Our Student Officers, our Program Providers, our Donors, and more, all come together to support survivors who participate in our programs and create space to re-inspire them in the turbulent aftermath of trauma. 

Here you will find just a few of the many testimonials from people involved in our program sharing their experiences and the impact that Thriving has had on them thanks to the support of our ever-growing community.            

Program Participants

 Survivors who have experienced our program

"This workshop helped me to just feel like a person with other people, not just a survivor of something terrible."

2023 Participant

Program Providers

Community clinicians, and healing specialists 

"We need safe spaces where we can be witnessed in our vulnerability and have shared experiences of growth."

Jean Stultz (Ph.D., LMFT)


Students, alumni, and more supporting survivors 

"The work that The Thriving Initiative does is so important because it focuses on how to heal outside of a therapist’s office, or a psychiatrist’s office, or a lawyer’s office."

Tony Muñoz, Program Development

Community Garden

Our supporters who have helped us grow and Thrive

"Our work is different because we consider the survivor experience in every decision we make."

Lauren Roberts, Executive Director

Have something to share?

If our programs have had an impact on you in any way, we'd love to hear from you!   

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