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Community Garden

Our Thriving community is made up of many, many people such as yourself both in our local Santa Barbara community and nationwide. The support we get from donors, program providers such as clinicians, and referrals, both in big and small ways has a lasting impact on our initiative and is what allows us to continue providing support to survivors.

photo of Lauren Roberts.

Lauren Roberts

Co-founder & Executive Director

“All of our officers, volunteers, community providers, and co-facilitators, work day in and day out to protect and curate a space where survivors feel supported enough to lean into finding the light within themselves after experiences that make it hard to see in the first place. Our work is different because we consider the survivor experience in every decision we make. This can be seen in the obvious decisions such as never asking survivors to recount their trauma, but it also plays into the unseen elements of our organization, like our funding sources, confidentiality policies, and team meetings. We believe deeply in the power of choice, and agency, and it echoes through everything we do.”

Photo of Emma Wolters.

Emma Wolters

Program Manager

"The most impactful aspect of Thriving to me has been this sense of community among all of the volunteers and program participants. Being in the workshops during our programs is unlike anything I have experienced before. The feeling of being simply human with others in a safe place is irreplaceable. This space helps survivors feel less alone in the world which can literally change someone's life. I am honored to support our volunteers and the organization as a whole. Being a part of Thriving has changed my life and I am forever grateful and inspired by this mission and the brave people who bring it to life."

Interested in contributing to our mission?

Connect with our Executive Director Lauren Roberts at with questions about contributions.

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