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Community Cultivations

Let's Bloom Together

Created and led in winter of 2021 by the 2020-2021 Thriving officer team, Community Cultivations was our second workshop series open for survivors of all violences and their allies. Through horticulture, we explored what it means to heal and cultivated a visual system of support.  All interactions took place in an asynchronous manner, via the Thriving Initiative's Discord channel, to allow participants to build a community with one another throughout the quarter. All the materials required to participate, such as a journals, pots, fertilizer, seeds (herb or flower), and decorative materials, were provided free of cost to all participants. Those who have an existing plant that they would prefer to work with during our workshop series were also welcomed to do so! 

The itinerary for winter proceeded as follows:

- Four optional live meetings 

- One Q&A session with a gardening expert 

- Ongoing weekly chatroom & journaling topics & plant growth photo/video sharing  


While this workshop has been archived for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year, we may offer the program again in the near future. The Thriving Team is incredibly grateful for having had the opportunity to grow alongside all of our participants! We will continue to keep our Community Cultivations Discord active and provide updates on the plants which we sowed~

Seedling & Terracotta Pot Showcase


Our Favorite Gardening Resources

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