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Our Impact


The Thriving Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring resilience in response to violence by promoting holistic healing programs.


We offer several free workshop series focused around diverse healing modalities to create a space where survivors of interpersonal violence can build community and learn a variety of coping techniques without ever having to share or discuss their past experiences.

ripple effect

At the beginning and end of each quarter participants fill out a survey. Participants reported substantially decreased trouble breathing, feelings of anxiety, and isolation, meanwhile expressing increased feelings of safety, belonging, and community.


We work to engage not only survivors, but also volunteers, students, and allies by offering programs and social platforms aimed at raising awareness, cultivating support networks, and providing resources for students to build their own sustainable healing programs.

What Past Participants Have to Say

Tropical Leaves

 The work that The Thriving Initiative does is so important because it focuses on how to heal outside of a therapist’s office, or a psychiatrist’s office, or a lawyer’s office. It focuses on how to take care of yourself after you feel that you’ve lost yourself.” - Tony Muñoz, Program Officer

What makes Thriving unique is the perspective that healing trauma requires more than therapy alone. That creating resources for yourself outside of therapy, whether they are in tandem with therapy or not, can be transformational in identifying and establishing your own individual needs and limits.” - Kathi Scarminach, TNJS Provider and Local Artist

Tropical Leaves

“I was having horrible recurring flashbacks daily before this program, and in finding a sense of community with other survivors, that has been reduced to none in the past month..”


At the beginning and end of each series participants fill out a survey, here are some of the key findings.

Percentage decrease in frequency of experiencing: 

  • Trouble breathing (-35%)

  • Hypervigilance (-25%)

  • Feelings of anxiety (-32.5%)

  • Flashbacks (-20.5%) 

Percentage increase in frequency of feeling: 

  • A sense of safety (+42.5%)​

  • A sense of belonging (+47.5%)

  • Ability to use coping strategies when triggers arise (+27.5%)

Our work would not be possible without generous contributions from people like you who believe all students should have equal access to education. We hope you will stand with us to ensure survivors and allies are provided all applicable resources to ensure their health and safety throughout their college experience and beyond.

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