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Our Core Values

The Thriving Initiative exists to increase access to alternative forms of community healing for those affected by violence. We primarily work to support survivors of interpersonal violence (stalking, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence) and their allies.

​​Survivor-oriented: We stand on a firm foundation of care and respect for every individual. Although our work is not exclusively geared towards survivors it is always meant to be trauma-informed and survivor-oriented. The community knows they can count on our programing to consider survivors' needs even if the program addresses alternative needs and is not geared specifically toward survivors. We believe education and all programs associated with it should be safe, inclusive, and trauma-informed.

Community-centered: We gain strength from our participants and the people we interact with everyday. Our community is the driving force of this organization. Above all else, we believe that community is a vital component of healthy healing. This is not just applicable to survivors but any person looking to reduce suffering. We acknowledge how intertwined our healing is with the healing of others in our community. 

Integral: We see ourselves as part of a whole rather than a separate entity. We believe there are many ways to heal and our goal is to help people find ways of coping and interacting with the world that work for them. We understand that there are many different aspects and roads on a healing journey, and we will never claim to have the cure, but we offer the foundation from which one can pick and choose what holistic healing means to them.

Inclusive: We believe all members of the Thriving Initiative team and community deserve to feel safe, encouraged, and accepted at all times. We thrive off of the collective genius that comes from incorporating a variety of people with unique viewpoints to work towards a common goal. We recognize and strive to promote awareness around issues of inequity and to address them as an organization. We stand committed to the community we serve and the one we aim to create. We are connected through our united aspiration for a positive, and inclusive path forward for all those affected by violence.

Innovative: We acknowledge the ever-changing climate and needs of our community, and aspire to transform with them. We strive to create original, accessible, and relevant programs that promote holistic community healing. We embrace a mentality of trial and error and believe creativity and care are the keys to any impactful idea.

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