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Paige Baldwinson

Senior Marketing Officer

Paige is a UCSB alumnus who double majored in CCS Art and Sociology. During 2020, she spent the year finishing a painting series of four works dedicated to spreading awareness about sexual assault in her community; her experiences promoting her own work on social media inspired her to become more involved in a wider community of people dedicated to supporting survivors of interpersonal violence. In 2022 Paige helped led and design our Painting Initiative: Community Mural. You can ready more about it below and find the mural at the Isla Vista Community Center! This year, she is looking forward to creating posters and designs for the Thriving Initiative and getting to form close relationships with such a talented and caring group of people.

The Painting Collective: Community Mural

Instagram: @thrivinginitiative

Photo of Alexus Espino.
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