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Alexus Espino

Program Development

Alexus Espino graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2022 with her Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and a Minor in History. Throughout her undergraduate career, Alexus was a research assistant for various projects in the Communication Department and involved in initiatives such as the COVID-19 Minority Impact Study and a female-led undergraduate sexual assault task force created in 2019 in response to community violence in the UCSB community. She also served as a student leader at the campus Food Bank and was a valuable member of the healthcare team in the Santa Barbara and Goleta Emergency Department.

In her fourth year, Alexus joined the Thriving team as a co-facilitator and program coordinator for the Thriving, Not just Surviving workshop series. Alexus now works closely with the leadership team to advance the mission of the organization. She is deeply committed to promoting accessible healing programs that empower survivors of interpersonal violence and foster a sense of community. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out at the beach and listening to audiobooks!

Photo of Alexus Espino.
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