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Danielle Rauchman (she/her)

Undergraduate Program Co-Facilitator

Danielle, currently in her fourth year at UCSB majoring in Psychology and Brain Science, boasts a rich history in roles such as camp counseling, assisting at a children's art studio, teaching environmental education to elementary school students, working at a donut shop, and aiding as a research assistant through labs under the Psychology and Brain Science department. In addition to her academic and professional pursuits, Danielle finds immense joy in savoring banana bread, immersing herself in art and puzzles, maintaining strong connections with her older sisters, and embarking on tranquil walks while enjoying music. With three years of practice

in yoga and mindfulness, Danielle is deeply impassioned by the profound impact of holistic methods, which empower individuals to embrace life's fluctuations and cultivate contentment. She eagerly joins TNJS, recognizing it as a sanctuary where survivors can heal and explore holistic tools that enhance their well-being.

Danielle Rauchman (she/her)
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