Open Officer Positions
Services and Programming Team

The Thriving Initiative is always looking to create opportunities to share new forms of healing with survivors of interpersonal violence and allies in our community. If you are interested in helping create our program curriculum, interact with therapists and community providers, or lead one of our healing workshop series, these positions are for you! 

Current Open Positions: 

UCSB Chapter President & Program Co-facilitator

UCSB Program Co-facilitator & Coordinator 

Officer of Diversity and Inclusion

Program Assistants

Application Closes on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 at 11:59pm

Contact with any questions. 

UCSB Chapter President and Program Co-facilitator

This position is ultimately responsible for operations and decision-making for the UCSB Chapter. They serve as a co-lead for the multi-week workshop series, Thriving, Not Just Surviving, and coordinate with all committees and officers, finally they bring calls for change to the Board of Directors. 

This position is eligible for an annual $500 need-based stipend.

Officer of Diversity and Inclusion

Our core values depend on our commitment to diversity and inclusivity within our organization and programs. This position serves to create meaningful initiatives and efforts to ensure diversity and inclusivity (cultural, racial, sexual, gender, ability, class, religious, etc.) internally within the Thriving Initiative team and externally to collaborators and participants. This officer will be responsible for reaching out to different organizations and students on campus, contributing meaningfully to programs, reviewing internal policies and procedures, and more.

Program Assistants

These positions serve to help the team with new and continuing quarterly projects that align with the Thriving Initiative’s mission statement. They help come up with and gather ideas, develop storyboards, and transform them into tangible programs with participants and activities.

Hear From Our Current Officers
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"Being a survivor is hard. One of the hardest journeys a person can be forced to embark on. Everyone that comes into the space seeking healing and community is incredibly powerful. Survivors are strong. Creating a space for survivors to come together, and to even be excited to come into the space speaks volumes to my soul."

- Tony, President & Thriving Co-facilitator


"The Thriving Initiative team consists of some of the most compassionate and hardworking people I know. It's such a privilege to be able to support our participants with their healing, and to do so with a group of kindhearted people who are focused on providing a safe, comfortable, and genuinely helpful environment for all is beyond heartwarming. Being part of the Thriving team has taught me how to be even more survivor-centered in my allyship, and it has shown me the impact that community has on resilience."

- Jasmine, Thriving Co-facilitator

Image by Earl Wilcox

Services and Programming Team

UCSB Program Co-facilitator and Coordinator

This position serves as the point-person for Thriving, Not Just Surviving, a workshop series for survivors of interpersonal violence. They coordinate and co-led the multi-week workshop series, correspond with interested participants and track logistics to make the workshop series run.

Application Closes on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 at 11:59pm

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