Open Officer Positions
Public Relations & Marketing Team

Our PR & Marketing team is the reason you probably knew about these positions, it is our community's first connection with our programs, a key step in fundraising, and actively advertise our free and accessible programs. Our PR & Marketing team is strong, collaborative, and never shies away from a creative challenge. 


Current Open Positions: 

Officer of Public Relations  

Officer of Social Media Management 

Officer of Marketing & Outreach

Application Closes on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 at 11:59pm

Contact with any questions. 

Officer of Public Relations

This position serves as the connection between our services and our ability to connect with the community at large. This position is fundamental to making our resources accessible to everyone who may benefit from them. They create content, manage our website, and serve as the point person for the Public Relations and Marketing team.

Officer of Marketing & Outreach 

This position is responsible for the Thriving Initiative’s professional marketing and outreach. They create content for our LinkedIn audience, integrate new professional development opportunities for the team, and spearhead marketing new and continuing programs to the community.

Hear From Our Current Officers

"As the Public Relations and Marketing Officer, creating graphics that capture the essence of independent and community healing to reach out to folks has been the most meaningful to me. It means selecting a canvas background that is representative of the various places our participants may feel grounded within-- whether that be their home or backyard, the park or a library. It means populating the space with items of comfort-- plants, pets, books, and more. They then combine to create an image that allows for the audience to experience our workshops, without having yet joined or taken part of it, and emphasizes that healing takes place whenever, wherever~"

- Laura, Public Relations and Marketing Officer


"The Thriving Initiative's work is different and impactful because we are a student-led organization. I believe that makes us unique because all of the work that we put together, whether it's our TNJS series, or our Community Cultivations project, those ideas have come alive because of UCSB students and community providers. I think there's so much power in students coming together to create holistic healing practices for others a part of our community to participate in." 

- Victoria, UCSB Vice President of Operations

Application Closes on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 at 11:59pm

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Public Relations & Marketing Team

Officer of Social Media Management 

This position serves to connect and introduce folks in the community to The Thriving Initiative via social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They highlight upcoming events, providers, and activities, and create educational posts for folks to engage with advocacy efforts to support survivors of interpersonal violence.