Our Team

Our team is devoted to supporting survivors of interpersonal violence (stalking, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence). We work together to foster community and increase access to alternative forms of holistic healing for those affected by violence. Scroll through our officers' biographies to find out more about us.

UCSB Chapter Officers

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Tony Muñoz (he/el)

President & Program Co-facilitator

Tony is a fourth year student at UC Santa Barbara majoring in psychology & brain sciences. He works at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) on campus as a mental health peer, in addition to his position at Thriving, where he leads workshops for other students. During his spare time, Tony loves to go to places he has never been before to hike, explore, and watch the sunset. He believes that Thriving highlights the resilience of our community through its continuity and appreciates the unfaltering safe space it cultivates. 



Victoria Perez (she/her)

Vice President of Operations 

Victoria is a third year student double majoring in psychological & brain sciences and linguistics. During her freetime, she enjoys playing volleyball, painting, watching the Bachelorette with her partner, and going to the beach. The latter doubles up as her go-to self-care activity, as she loves to go out into nature to take some time for herself. Victoria’s favorite thing about The Thriving Initiative as a whole is how the team organically comes together to create a welcoming environment for all and has many other plans in the works! 



Shivani Awasthi (she/her)

Officer of Budgeting & Special Funding

Shivani is a fourth year student majoring in economics, minoring in French and professional writing. She is also pursuing the Technology Management program. For fun, Shivani enjoys running, hiking, reading fantasy/fiction novels, and watching TV shows on Netflix. For self care, she resorts back to running or journaling. What Shivani admires most about Thriving is how it is almost like a tree with different branches that reach out to various parts of the community, and how it grows with the ideas of the officers and workshop participants. 



Aarushi Agrawal (she/her)

Officer of Fundraising

Aarushi is a third year student majoring in biopsychology and is very passionate about cognitive neuroscience. She loves to dance, paint, and travel, and work with children whenever she has the chance to do so. To take some time to destress and key into herself, Aarushi enjoys taking a stroll on the beach and listening to music. She shares that Thriving has provided her with an additional family where everyone works together to foster a safe space and strives to help all in their endeavours!


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Ally Du (she/her)

Officer of Finances & Accounting

& Program Co-facilitator

Ally is a fourth year student majoring in economic and accounting. She is involved in other programs, including the Tutors and Graders (TAG) program where she works as a tutor to other students on accounting! In her spare time, she enjoys going to live music festivals/concerts, trying new foods, hiking, playing golf, and skateboarding. For a bit of self-care, she loves to join her friends in watching the sunset or making something tasty at home. Ally is confident that the support of her colleagues and inclusivity of Thriving will shine onto the work we complete in and around the UC Santa Barbara community.



Laura Morales (she/her)

Officer of Public Relations & Marketing

Laura is a second year student majoring in cultural anthropology and minoring in applied psychology. On the weekends, she is keen on making boba, decoupaging, writing short stories, having picnics at the park, and learning how to redesign old clothes! Some of the self care activities she partakes in include aromatherapy and dance, which she feels are really freeing for both the mind and body. Laura’s favorite thing about Thriving is how participants are able to navigate through the workshops according to their comfort levels and are supported regardless of where they stand in their healing journeys.