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Our Co-facilitators

Each of our Thriving, Not Just Surviving student co-facilitators has a unique style and set of experiences. Get to know our co-facilitator team by scrolling through their bios below. We are happy to be offering several small Thriving, Not Just Surviving groups this Spring. We encourage participants to request a specific co-facilitator that feels most approachable to them when prompted in the registration process. Scroll down to learn more!

UCSB Thriving, Not Just Surviving Co-facilitators

Spring 2021

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Tony Muñoz (he/him/el)

President & Program Co-facilitator

Hello everyone! Thank y’all so much for signing up to be a part of Thriving, Not Just Surviving the workshop series! I really want to say how great it is to see that we can come together and really just heal in community. It is not the easiest thing to put yourself out there and seek some form of support, but the fact that you are doing it, just highlights your resilience and strength. 

I’ve been involved with The Thriving Initiative for almost two years now, and each quarter that we have offered TNJS, I have always felt like I am leaving the space feeling restored and holding such a positive light. This has been the only space that I have found where survivors of multiple identities can come together in a safe space, and connect on a level that doesn’t just focus on the clinical aspects of being a survivor, but rather, focuses on the healing, the aftercare, the human-ness of the journey. 

As a co-facilitator, I am dedicated to making sure that the space feels safe and comfortable. As a current CAPS Mental Health Peer and co-facilitator for a group therapy space for undocumented students, I recognize that in order for healing to begin, one must feel supported, safe, and listened to. I’m committed to making sure that everyone feels like they have the opportunity to share, to take a step back if need be, or to just relax in a peaceful space with no pressure to turn on your camera or chat. The world is already filled with so much turmoil so I am dedicated to making sure that at least in this space, you have the ability to choose what is best for you. Trust and know that you will be respected and appreciated. 

This is such a rare space that has been created and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be in community with you, to learn new modalities of healing together, and to carve out our own space together. Looking forward to Spring 2021 of Thriving, Not Just Surviving!



Chassidie Liu (She/her/tā)


Co-leading with Ally Du

Hi everyone! I am super excited to be a Co-facilitator for TNJS this quarter. However, I do not want you all to just see me as your co-facilitator, but also someone you can come to for support. I want to create an open, comfortable, supportive, healing community for you all in any capacity I can. Whether that means keeping my camera on and using reaction buttons when you all speak or creating some space for reflection and mindfulness. My style is very open and communicative. I want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible and really build a community for you all to support/ connect with one another(: Plus, I am the biggest affirmer and head-nodder out there haha. Some experience I have held in the past consists of being a Mental Health Peer with CAPS and working as an Intern with CARE. I also currently work as a counselor for those with severe mental disorders and eating disorders. My roles have allowed me to grow my empathy, compassion, and knowledge surrounding different topics and I am looking forward to sharing those skills throughout the next 6 weeks with you all.


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Naomi Galeazzi (she/her/hers)

Coordinator & Co-facilitator

Hey y’all! Firstly, I want to thank you so much for wanting to join us this quarter for Thriving, Not Just Surviving. I am so happy to return as a Co-facilitator and be able to embark on this journey with you all. Personally, TNJS holds a special place in my heart as it is centered upon safety, comfort, choices, self-care, healing, growth, and community. My goal as a co-facilitator is to ensure that this space feels as comfortable and safe as possible, that you feel supported, and that you feel a part of this community if you want. I am hoping to foster this space primarily by always emphasizing and restating choices. Choices are important to me as they give each of us the ability to choose what is best for us, no matter how big or small that choice may be. Whether it comes to the choice of having your camera on or off, your wanting to participate verbally or in the chat, or whether you want to engage with the group at all. I will always do my best to ensure that everything we do as a group is given as a choice and that you are able to choose what is best for you in that moment and beyond. As a current CARE Peer Healing Educator and a former Resident Assistant, I value community, healing, supporting others, respecting all identities, and I understand the individuality of each person’s unique situation. My previous roles and own experiences have allowed me to come into this space with a compassionate heart, open ears, and a hope for the continuation of healing. I’m looking forward to meeting you and to building this community as we continue our healing journeys. On a side note, you will likely get to meet my dog as she likes to pop into my meetings, so if you like pets that may be something to look forward to! Thank you and I can’t wait for us to start TNJS Spring 2021, I hope to see you soon!



Jasmine Alimova (she/her/hers)


Hello! I am so honored and grateful to return as a Co-Facilitator for the TNJS workshop series. As a UCSB 2020 graduate as well as former CAPS Mental Health Peer and CARE Peer Educator, I am passionate about supporting survivors while ensuring a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment. I am also determined to create a space that values judgement-free open communication, genuine validation, and absolute respect of everyone's boundaries, without question. My facilitation style is compassionate and 100% participant centered-- I believe in actively listening to what individuals in the group need to heal, and doing everything in my power to provide exactly that. This can include not speaking when you're not up for it, taking breaks when you need it, getting connected to resources, being completely honest about your emotions, and overall being your authentic self. I understand that taking this step towards healing can be difficult and anxiety-inducing, so I want to build a community in which all participants feel completely at ease and know that they can rely on myself and fellow group members during this process. Together, we can acknowledge and celebrate any and all steps towards healing, and support each other when our healing journeys aren't going as planned. Thank you for visiting my bio-- I'm looking forward to a beautiful 6 weeks with y'all!



Ally Du (She/her/hers)


Co-leading with Chassidie Liu

Hello!!!! My name is Ally and I am so thrilled to work alongside Chassidie as a co-facilitator for TNJS this quarter. TNJS is very near and dear to my heart and I cannot wait for you all to join this special space for healing and community. 


At times, healing can be frustrating, unpredictable, and can make us feel like we are alone in our journeys. The strongest and most powerful aspect of TNJS in my opinion is the community it is able to grow; to grow from feeling isolated, to sharing healing experiences alongside other survivors without even recounting past trauma. My hope as a co-facilitator is that this space can be a grounding source of safety, comfort, and resilience for you all as it once was for me. I am dedicated to doing everything in my ability to create a space where each and every one of you feels respected and included. 


A little bit about me -- I am a super recent UCSB graduate (as of Winter 2021!) and am so lucky to have worn many hats in The Thriving Initiative. I love cooking, baking, and tasting new cuisines, and I just recently became a plant mama to three indoor houseplants whom I love and cherish dearly. They are my pride and joy!


Thank you for reading up my bio, I can’t wait to meet you all and build this beautiful space together! <3